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Spirituality and Religion


The following was written just a few months before 9/11 in 2001 for a writing course in college, but am led accordingly by the Holy Spirit of Love, by the Holy Spirit of Truth, to post it here. The principles themselves remain the same to this day. Timeless yesterday, today, and forever, in which case is some food for thought.

Upon reaching the journey’s distance, after diligently bridging much time and miles personally in both Spirit and Truth for the corporate body as a whole, it’s been a terrible disheartenment to watch an emotional mess tearing two groups of people farther apart: the spiritualists versus the religious. Both, unfortunately, lost touch with the basics and spun out of control for reasons of personal beliefs. Self-righteousness proudly demands victory, calling good evil and evil good, as if an exception to the Golden Rule. We are still people dealing with real human factors in dire need of being real with the facts. These last few years have been one cold, dark night for a strong advocate on level-headedness concerning the true issues of the heart.

When I was young and as a spiritualist, I ventured into religious territory. While the spiritualists are more open to the mystical aspects of the Spirit, they are understandably defensive from hearing the untwisted truth for reason of all the religious extremes, whereas the religious are more open to Truth as they need to know it at the time, but fearfully guarded against spirit reality for reason of the many dark deceptions. The two naturally repel the other for reasons of the head, not the heart, when we as people need to network together with a proper balance derived from both Spirit and Truth in order to truly enhance the quality of life here on earth in the here and now. Much to my saddened dismay, there is no relating the sweet depths of Love with anyone busy contending with the Holy Spirit of Truth over the most basic of issues, without any decent consideration to the sequential stages of spiritual growth and development we all encounter.
It’s taken me awhile to adjust to such a disgraceful dilemma, an uncivil war publicly set against peace, and opened a chat room on MSN simply titled Spirituality while deliberately adding, “Open-mindedness on spiritual matters-spiritualists and religious alike are both welcome.” My own hopes personally were to create neutral ground for those like-desired. Divine wisdom from above is open to healthy discussions, not pointless arguments, and was pleasantly reassured of my not being alone when meeting up with a good group of people who felt the same way. Of course with the access of the Internet, introductions are worldwide which in turn provided an enjoyable blend of international diversity from several cultures. The universal law of Love was highly regarded with due respect for all in a friendly and stimulating conversation.

At one point, after sharing the known differences between the earthly dark spirits in the lower spirit plane versus the heavenly angels of light from the higher spirit plane based solely on my first hand experience with a woman who channeled spirits, a gentleman from a three generational Baptist preacher background, asked the both of us what denomination the other one is. The woman quickly answered, “Witch” as opposed to my answer, “Christian,” followed by the man’s immediate response, “Uh-ho.” It certainly appeared as if an unwanted war was about to break loose. The room got nervously quiet. With today’s explosion on spirituality, the subject of communicating with the dead, as well as remote viewing and out of body experiences, has understandably provoked much interest among the spiritualists while causing a tremendous panic among the religious, and quickly reassured everyone that I, Windy24c disguised momentarily as QueenofCups777, do not and will not condone legalized Christian condemnation.

The atmosphere soon relaxed to then be asked what my screen name meant and why the 777. Queen of Cups is one of many Tarot cards and represents nurturing. The number seven means completion and refers to manifestation of the spiritual into the natural, of bringing heaven on earth. Rather than uphold any personal beliefs, a constant discouragement against spiritual matters that was experienced during my childhood, need be for us to get the facts for what they really are straight from the horse’s mouth, which in this case is the Father of spirits. There is no higher authority by which to confirm these matters by. He is it.

Much to the pleasure of one insensitive Christian, anxious to pounce on what he thought was his dutiful time to preach, the Baptist gentleman asked if we do in fact need to be born again. My answer was quite direct, yet simple for natural understanding. One must be born of the divine nature in order to enter the divine nature of the heavenly realm. Passing through the Door, the Son Christ Jesus, to God the Father does enable us to enjoy the realm of heaven while here on earth. The Christian man, startled to hear the written Word of God approached unexpectedly within its spiritual context, openly admitted how much sense that made, but left the room. He missed what followed next.

Many questions and answers proceeded from then on in a most precious yet delicate interaction concerning the real issues of the heart. We as people, as spirit beings housed in human flesh, are responsible for what we know, not what we, or anyone else for that matter, may want to believe. What I know is but one part of the whole. None of us can afford to let go of what we do know. Neither should we refuse to have the light shed on what we don’t. Knowing God’s hand is on our life versus knowing Him personally on a one to one basis is as different as night and day. I remember all too well how spiritually tormenting the confusion of religiosity was back in the land of Egypt, the spiritual land of dark mysteries, and quite frankly, I wasn’t about to be caught dead in a church. No pun intended. There is no incentive for anyone to pass through the Door unless they see the face of Love, the priceless fruit of the Spirit in the lives of others.

Bobby L. Andrews, copyright 2001.


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