True to self.  Real with God.


Stress Free Meditation
For Peace

The word meditate actually means to ponder and dwell on—to think in reflection of.  While we all naturally think to some degree every day of our lives, most of us tend to worry and spend the majority of our time dwelling on the doubts and uncertainties of what we don’t know.  This negative, but natural aspect of meditation eventually projects an unhealthy tension, much unlike the picture that generally comes to mind.  The positive aspects of meditation are usually associated with eastern religions, gurus, mysticism, Yoga, and the like.  Rather than enter a trance-like state with a blank mind, wandering thoughts are reined in on familiar territory and re-trained to not spin out of control.  Meditation made and kept simple: relax, focus, and enjoy.

You will need the following:


     Comfortable clothes

     Quiet space     

     Flat surface

     15-30 minutes

Optional: a pillow for neck support


Find a quiet area without distractions.  Candles, incense, or other advertised products for meditation are completely unnecessary if they only prove to be an outward distraction for the mind’s eye while relaxing.  Lay comfortably on the floor or a firm couch with your eyes closed.  A bed is not recommended for the untrained novice who can easily fall asleep.  The full benefits of conscious relaxation can be experienced and learned by laying down (on your back) to then apply the mastered technique in a sitting position.

Neck and jaw muscles are the last to relax before entering sleep.  They are, however, the first to tense up so you will want to concentrate downward on the feet and work your way upward through the individual parts of your body one at a time.  Apply tension to your feet by crunching up your toes and then release.  Contracting the muscles on purpose helps determine whether or not you are indeed relaxed.  Repeat if necessary.  Let your feet hang comfortably from the end of your legs as dead weight.

Moving gradually upward from the feet to the head, crunch and release:

Calves-the lower legs

Buns-the pelvic and hip area

Hands-fingers, palms, and wrist

Arms-upper and lower muscles

Shoulders-to include back

Neck-including jaw muscles

As you gradually move through each part of your body, relax and breath.  Be comfortable!  If preferred, place a pillow under the neck area to support the head and stay focused.  DO NOT FALL ASLEEP!


Once this point of relaxation is reached, your body may feel a tingling sensation.  This is a natural state of relaxation encountered when entering into unconscious sleep.  Again, keep your focus, but do not tense up.  Instead, notice the heaviness of your physical body and let it melt downward as dead weight into the floor, or couch.  Turn your focus inwardly on your spirit body and the lightness of it.  Your spirit body is as light as a feather,  no longer confined by the outward elements of the physical housing.  If the spiritual aspect of all this is new to you, then take your time to get familiar with your spirit body, as well as with your surroundings.

In the event that you feel yourself floating upward but tend to have a natural fear of the unknown as it pertains to spirit reality, DON’T PANIC!  Instead focus on letting the lightness of your spirit body be at rest in the safety of God’s hand.  He is right there to protect you spiritually.  Breath and relax.  Keep your eyes closed.  Use this opportunity to see, hear, touch, smell, and taste with your five spirit senses.

NOTE: Stretch out completely before resuming a busy day.  You should feel refreshed.


If you find your thoughts wandering off at any time, simply rein them back in.  It is a matter of self-discipline on your part and may take plenty of practice.  Don’t despair.  It can be done.  No matter your religious background.  Those who never experienced relaxation to this degree before have enjoyed a real sense of inner peace and joy; the very substance needed to overcome a sin complex in relation to and with God.  Meditation made and kept simple: relax, focus and enjoy while lining the head up with the heart.  Safely and realistically remove the very roots of worry from within the mind’s eye based on what you do know within the heart of your spirit.

Bobby L. Andrews, copyright 2001.