True to self.  Real with God.

Gates of Wisdom

Upon entering into the spirit realm, the very essence of Grace fully enveloped the inner consciousness of my spirit for a new adventure.  Whether it be to travel in the lower spirit plane or the higher one, through the plane of time; past, present, or future- I didn’t know.  What I did know and had grown quite accustomed to was to expect the unexpected, to simply flow with the Spirit of prophecy.  Once stepping from the portal, from the secret chambers of my heart through the Door, firmly based and at rest in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, the spiritual ascension brought me past the levels of the lower spirit plane into the divine nature of the heavenly realm.

“Abraham.”  I casually acknowledged the kindred spirit who stood before me.  A deep sense of fondness passed between us as he, in turn, acknowledged back.  The implications of our timely, but strangely familiar encounter had yet to register mentally.  It seemed to amuse him and stopped to consider what I missed.  His name spoken with such a firm certainty from my spirit startled me in terms of earthly wisdom.  I automatically scanned and critically calculated the one too easily recognized with immediate discernment.  Several factors were logically measured, weighing each one out instantaneously based on the divine wisdom of Spirit knowledge while ever so careful to objectively examine my own heart, spirit, and soul concerning such a matter.  I could not deny what was true and marveled in wonderment.  “You’re Abraham!”  I exclaimed.

“Yes.”  He calmly answered with an approving smile.  “I have waited long to see my seed possess the gates and enter in.”  Our predestinated meeting illuminated the fulfillment of my steps taken on the behalf of the people, marking another significant milestone on the godly journey, the way of Holiness.  Reaching the gates of wisdom was truly another need met, one of my heart’s deepest desires, when recognizing two other men who were, no doubt, designed and appointed to stand with Abraham in the completion of it.  Isaac and Jacob!  Once prompted by the Holy Spirit, a direct confirmation to my strong sense of writing responsibility, I skillfully utilized and overlapped everything at my disposal to accurately process what was naturally and spiritually known about them with where it all fit in the here and now.  Proper discernment in Spirit and Truth was vital to maintain a much needed spiritual balance with scriptural soundness for the benefit of others.

Considering my immediate surroundings, the scriptural context of what Jesus said and recorded accordingly in the gospel of Matthew rang true.  Many will come from the east and the west to sit with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.”  Not only was this in Spirit and Truth, it held a stable spiritual balance.  I was, after all, in the realm of heaven, at the gates of wisdom.  Though the natural minded in organized religions and the world consider the mystical aspects of God foolish, the very means of astral traveling was but one invaluable tool that brought me where I was.  As a seed of Abraham, an offspring of his faith, the ways and thoughts of Love worked through me brought me to possess the gates to the very land promised.

The three patriarchs of the Old Testament quietly and patiently waited in their given order so as not to cause me any personal distractions on what needed to be done.  Where did the spiritual fit in natural terms?  How did my perception of their earthly lives compare to what was historically written about them?

Abraham firmly stood as a strong, solid pillar of faith.  He heard the spiritual voice of God and adhered to His spoken words.  To carry out the instructions of them in a strange land, beyond the conditioning elements of natural understanding existent during his time, took a tremendous amount of trust on his part.  The one referred to Biblically as the friend of God stood true in spirit as a great man of diligent and unshakeable faith.  Through the progressive growth of his trust came the renowned finished product so often taken out of context in terms of practical, everyday life.  He beheld the future one step at a time with the eyes of his spirit, heard prophetic promises with the ears of his spirit, and yet, in spite of natural adversities, including his own daily doubts and uncertainties when faced with the divine, he refused to compromise his sacred position to the day of his natural death.  He lived a miraculous life overall, governed by the supernatural, before seeing the complete manifestations of the heavenly picture on earth.  I so marveled at his faith and thanked him personally for not giving up.

Isaac, dressed in nomadic robes similar to Abraham, stood next to him almost shoulder to shoulder as one very mild and pleasant in spirit.  He had lived a good life while here on earth as the promised seed of his natural father.  His natural tenderness was sheltered from the hard elements of this realm, readily living his numbered days according to God’s will and purpose without any resistance.  His time was very enjoyable with many blessings.

Jacob, on the other hand, had lived a very hard life.  The perception of his struggles disturbed me at first, to the point of questioning if the very same marks of unmistakable hardship shown in my life as well.  His had been extremely hard and perceived his struggles more deeply.  They were different.  Though he knew how instrumental he was in completing God’s divine plan for the human race as a whole, he was unwilling to be a blessing until he received a bartered blessing first.  His head, his attitude, resisted the active principles of Love and understood all too well why the degree of difficulties.  He couldn’t be blessed until he was truly workable to be a blessing first.  He had certainly received much more mercy than justice required from a lost battle.  The natural Jacob, even in spite of himself, had the spiritual Israel worked right out of him.  Stripped of his own strength, his twelve sons, the future twelve tribes of Israel, traveled the earthly journey patterned after the true.

The physical resemblance of the three relatives was indeed remarkable.  Spiritually, each one of their lives, closely interwoven and knit tightly together, displayed a clear, unclouded testimony of the coming Messiah.  Through them, he did come and fulfilled all prophecies.  By Abraham’s persistent faith and the seed of it, the chief cornerstone, Christ Jesus, came from heaven to earth and reinforced a firm foundation for the corporate building, the household of Love.  All nations are truly blessed to behold and possess the twelve gates of wisdom, to spiritually enter into the homeland overflowing with milk and honey, with the mystical milk of truth and honey rich in the knowledge of wisdom, in the Spirit of prophecy, in testimony of Jesus, the Eternal Word of God in the flesh.

As I marveled on the many divine revelations, my spirit fondly acknowledged
another to rightly discern.  He appeared as a wild man.  The fullness of hair on his head and face appropriately portrayed him like the deep spiritual man of fire he is; one live wire.  The portrayal of his character both amused and excited me.  He restlessly paced back and forth before me as he did while on earth.  It was Isaiah!  Wild to hear the voice of God and ready to publish His words, there is no rest to his pacing back and forth until true righteousness brightly burns in this realm.  He, too, is a truly personable friend of the Father’s who had much pleasure speaking for Him against the injustice, burning the religious weeds.

The Holy Spirit gently reminded me of the ministry of reconciliation and where that fit with the personal needs of the people since mine are the same.  I was but a woman in natural terms, a spiritual outcast by the majority rule, while greatly honored to be in the company of four remarkable men; a mysterious, untouchable paradox according to popular belief.  Like Abraham, it took hearing only the voice of God and adhering to His instructions. Like Isaac, accepting His will and purpose formed a protective blessing on my life against the many hard elements of this realm.  Like Jacob, having my own strength stripped away enabled the completion of His handiwork, even in spite of past attitude and feelings.  Like Isaiah, publishing good news, to corporately build spiritual righteousness while burning religious weeds, gives me much pleasure when considering that  

v     By the Spirit, His Word is spoken.

v     By the Spirit, His Word is written.

v     By the Spirit, His Word is born.

It is one step, one level at a time.  Line upon line, precept upon precept, without one bubble off plumb. 

Bobby L. Andrews, copyright 2001.