True to self.  Real with God.

About Real Spirituality

Real Spirituality was first founded and established in Spirit by Bobby L. Andrews in 1994 as Four Winds Incorporated. 

“Head knowledge will no longer succeed, let alone survive, against Spirit knowledge.”                 
                                      The Creator’s Truth, 1994

These spoken words of Truth were spiritually and officially decreed by God our Creator, by Love Himself, after the four winds were spiritually released and sent to the four corners of the earth by His heavenly command. The spiritual pendulum to the grandfather of all clocks that governs time here on earth struck midnight. All things large and small down to the most intricate of details, from politics and the world’s economy down to religion and personal affairs in our own little worlds, were meticulously weighed out in heaven’s scales with the divine. Earthly wisdom cannot, is not, and will not be counted equal with the divine wisdom from above—the ways and thoughts of Love Himself to and for us. The pendulum in time then shifted into a new and different hour, a different age for mankind.  
“This is but the beginning of the end to darkness.”
                                    The Creator’s Truth, September 11, 2001

After patiently waiting on a 12 year cycle to complete its course, allowing the spiritual to govern the natural in terms of manifesting Truth, it is by the Spirit that Bobby now steps forward with Real Spirituality online for the purpose of networking together with others in light of Love, in unity with the Spirit in the bond of peace.

“The days of the white buffalo have arrived.”
The Creator’s Truth, 2007

In the most basic sense of  anyone’s purpose or mission here on earth, mine is one of HOPE—Help Open People’s Eyes to see and recognize the Truth for themselves. We as people, young and old, all strive to make good sense of what is spiritually known. What I’ve been divinely given to see and hear first hand in terms of the bigger picture is but one part of the whole.

My own prayers as a grandmother are for oneness in Love with each other, with future generations in mind, in light of forthcoming earth changes. No doubt there will be subjects brought up as the Spirit leads, as the site expands, that were once considered far too controversial and even too religious to openly discuss. However, we as spirit beings housed in human flesh need to tune into the Spirit, to dare believe in our heads what is spiritually known in the heart of our spirits, to willingly follow our hearts as the Holy Spirit leads us in order to understand what we don’t know more completely.

Humanity as a collective whole has stepped over a very timely threshold—from the Age of Innocence to the Age of Accountability, often referred to as The Golden Age, The Gathering, The Great Awakening, The Purification. That time is now. To thine own self be true. May we be found faithful, not fearful, to be true to self, real with God in the peace of His light, in what He’s doing for and through us according to our faith, according to our ability.

For those versed in scripture, Babylon refers to those who believe in God yet deny the power of Him from working in the depths of their own hearts. It’s a worldwide dilemma, not the United States only, called the human nature, the nature of the beast. Babylon is fallen, it is done, with so much more to look forward to.


God bless the willing richly,
Windy To Four Corners 



The Lord our God is one.

We are one.

We are all related.